Tresorit blog - "Road to Vegas – DefCon CTF 2015"

Tresorit, one of our sponsors, published a blog post about our qualification to the DEFCON CTF finals titled "Road to Vegas – DefCon CTF 2015".

Only the top 15 teams were invited to DefCon to test their skills in a 24 hour competition. We’re proud to say that this year, Tresorit cryptographers are joining forces with CrySyS Lab and will be competing in Vegas as team !SpamAndHex.

Ranking 7th overall and earning a ticket to the Las Vegas finals is quite an accomplishment. DefCon CTF is only for top hackers: only 284 teams were able to score even a single point out of 1472 teams in the qualifier round. Qualification is similar to the Olympics and other sporting events. A qualification weekend pits teams against a set of challenges and the clock. Only teams with the most points at the end are invited to participate in person at DefCon.