Student Core


The CrySyS Student Core is an invite-only group of talented students who expressed strong interest in the field of IT security. Core members meet once a week to expand their knowledge by discussing specific topics in system and network security, to prepare for CTF competitions, to socialize, and in general, to have fun by spending time with other geeks of similar interest. The CrySyS Student Core also plays a key role in the talent management program of the CrySyS Lab, which includes the creation of challenges for the annual CrySyS Security Challenge.

Interested to become a Core member? Prove your talent by scoring high at the next CrySyS Security Challenge (organized in the spring semester every year) or impress us in your semester project! If you don't feel qualified yet, but want to invest some work to get better, then join our IT Security Bootcamp!

Need more information? Read our paper, or contact András Gazdag or Levente Buttyán.